Sunday, November 4, 2012

Don’t Ask Me How I Know…
Country singer Bobby Pinson gives advice based on how to live our lives, suggesting we learn through his mistakes.  Unfortunately, after my many years of nursing, I have my own “Don’t Ask Me How I Know”…
Don’t intubate your patient because of low O2 sats until you check that the oxygen tubing is actually connected to the flow meter…don’t ask me how I know.
When your patient’s arterial blood pressure is sky high, before giving astronomical amounts of pressors or sedation to bring it down, look for the transducer on the floor…don’t ask me how I know.
If you call in sick to go shopping with a friend, you will see your Nurse Manager at the mall…don’t ask me how I know.
If a patient says the pink pill looks a lot bigger than the one they take at home, take it out of the cup…don’t ask me how I know.

What are your don’t ask me how I know moments?

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