Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nursing Superstitions

I don't mind when a black cat crosses my path and I've broken many a mirror without a care, but when it comes to nursing, I'm pretty superstitious.  I get nervous when someone uses the Q-word (you're nurses, I don't need to spell it out), I think a slow start to the shift means the end will be nuts, and if we drag out the ECMO machine, we don't put it away just because we hear the patient might not come.  Here are a few more of "rules" I try to follow to avoid to ward off trouble:

- Asking for a specific assignment always ends in disaster
- If someone asks you to trade assignments or float for them, always say yes
- Never ask someone to trade or float for you
- If you say out loud that you're happy you got the "good" patient and someone else got the "less-good" patient, your patient WILL code.

Occasionally, I test my superstitions by forgetting my rules and I'm always sorry.  Do you have nursing superstitions?

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