Monday, September 9, 2013

Nurse Chatchkes

 I'm packing up our house for a move and keep coming across the nurse-related stuff I have received as gifts over the years.

This particular statue was from my husband and kids so, of course, I appreciate the thought and the gift. But, really, what do I do with this kind of thing?  I'm a staff RN and an online educator so I don't have an office in which to display it.  I'm not really into dustcatchers and bric-a-brac as a general rule, mostly because I don't dust very often (read: ever).   It seems rude, though, not to display things I receive as gifts and giving them away definitely feels wrong.

I understand the idea.  This kind of stuff looks really pretty at the store and I'm sure my husband/kids/siblings, etc., are walking through the store and think "Hey, Sara's a nurse.  I bet she'd love that." At least the nurse in this statue looks like an actual nurse from the year 2013 - sans the white nursing shoes.  Most of the stuff I have features a nurse in all white dress with white hose, white shoes, and a cap.  Yes, right on the nose.

Frankly, I'm guilty of this type of gift-giving myself.  My husband has an impressive collection of toy ambulances and firetrucks that are all from me - and I'm pretty sure he has no interest at all in collecting toy ambulances and firetrucks. Even though I know that my sister does not need yet another "teacher" ornament, these are easy gifts and look so darn cute in the store display. 

So...I'll keep packing my nurse chatchkes up just to unpack them and put them on a shelf at the next place.  It's the thought that counts, right?

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