Monday, September 2, 2013

The Romance of Nurses

Some of you might know that I have a weird interest in romance "novels" that focus on nurses. In fact, a few years ago I bought several of my nursing co-workers each a vintage nurse romance book for National Nurses Week.

I don't actually read these books, I just like to look at the titles. The titles are great, aren't they?  Most are pretty self-explanatory - from the title or at least from the description of the story on the cover.

 This book, Emergency Nurse, you can see is obviously about a doctor and a nurse who work in the ED together and are able to be together after saving a boy and a girl.

Wilderness Nurse is a little less obvious, but apparently this nurse working in the wilderness was injured in some manner and then the doctor who saved her also fell in love with her.

Do you notice a theme here?  The nurses all seem to get together with doctors in these books.

I did run across one title that totally has me stumped:

Nurse In A Cage.  Yes, it's a photo of an actual book cover.  This one is totally confusing.  What's with the cage?  Why is she in there?  I looked for this book on several internet bookseller sites - nothing.  I even did an internet search by book title and author - nothing.  Have you read this book?  Do you have this book?  Please, if you do, send it to me or at least tell me what it's about.

And, last but not least:

Now THIS is a book I just had to find out more about.  I looked it up on a couple of internet bookseller sites and discovered that it's a collector's item and costs over $40.  Forget it.  On an internet search with the title and found out from the description all I need to know about the book.  This book is about three nurses who go to interview for a job with a doctor and find him awaiting their arrival in his birthday suit.  Yep, buck naked.

Because that happens all the time. 

Ah, the exciting and romantic life of nurses.

(Photos courtesy of JUNKMILL)

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