Friday, October 4, 2013

Do You Advertise?

When I'm out and about I get asked frequently if I'm a firefighter.  I'd like to think it's because I look so strong and fit, but it's actually because I tend to wear my husband's t-shirts and most of them have something to do with fire rescue.  I can't help myself, they're big and comfy and I'm a girl, we love to wear our guys' clothes.

I do have a couple of t-shirts that have hospital names on them, but nothing that advertises I'm the fact that I'm a nurse.  At my first job, a co-worker told me to be careful about displaying items such as my stethoscope in my car or wearing clothing that tells people I'm a nurse because people would think I had access to drugs and I was likely to get robbed.  Now that sounds kind of silly to me.  More likely, someone would realize I likely have a steady job and rob me.  Either idea is probably nuts, but the former must have stuck with me because I still don't have much that advertises the fact that I'm a nurse.

I don't think many nurses wear t-shirts or have vanity plates telling the world that we are nurses.  We get asked to play nurse by our family and neighbors often enough, we don't need strangers asking us to look at their rash.

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