Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Vein Dance

Today a co-worker asked me to start an IV for her.  She had tried once and another nurse had tried twice.  I got lucky an got the IV. What a great feeling!!

It won't last. 

Tomorrow I'll be asking someone to start an IV for me after I've missed twice.  That's the way it is with IVs.  Some days you can't hit a vein with flashing arrows and a sign that says "stick here"; some days you you can put a catheter in a rock with your eyes closed.

Don't you wish patients understood this?  Don't you love it when they suggest that you go get the doctor to start their IV?  Don't you love it when they tell you that the phlebotomist had no problem getting a vein yesterday? 


Oh well, today I was the IV starting equivalent of the windshield.  Tomorrow, I'll be the bug.

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