Friday, November 22, 2013

Seeking a Cap

That's me on the left.  That's Lori on the right - I'm totally putting this picture here without her permission.  She looks great; why would she mind?

Sorry about the picture quality - it's a photo of a photo that was likely taken with a 110 camera (and the photo has been sitting in a box for a "few" years).  Remember those?  I have no idea why the shadow over me...can't get rid of it though. 

I graduated from nursing school in a cap.  Yes, we still called it nursing school and yes, I had a cap.  I believe we were "capped" after our first year clinical experience and then we had to wear our caps for every clinical rotation except for the ICU rotation.  Does anyone remember why that was - why we didn't wear them for our ICU rotation?

Anyway, I can't find my cap.  It's been missing for years.  I REALLY wish I still had it.  I've checked ebay and etsy repeatedly but no caps from Bishop Clarkson School of Nursing (believe it was College of Nursing) by the time I graduated, but no luck.

So...if anyone out there has a cap from Bishop Clarkson School of Nursing in Omaha, Nebraska and wants to sell it, I'm interested! 

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