Friday, November 8, 2013

Spoiled by Great Nursing

Because of my move, I'm looking for a new job.  I teach online part time and I enjoy that, but it's an adjunct faculty position with no benefits or guaranteed classes so I'm looking for a new position.

Yesterday, a company that conducts post-employment interviews for the organization I just left called me and I had a chance to reflect upon my experience there. 

The hospital I just left practices the Universal Bed Model and while I was not familiar with the concept until I started working there, I'm a total convert now.  The patient-centered care approach that the Universal Bed Model provides is really good for patients.  Having care come to the patient instead of the patient going to various places for care is a great concept. 

When I talked to one potential employer about this concept, she asked "why don't we all do it like that?"

While I'm sure I'll find a great place to work where the nurses take pride in providing the highest quality care, I'm a bit spoiled now by the way my former employer provided care.

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