Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Union Question

The hospital I just started working for has a nursing union.  It seems weird and somewhat impossible, but I truly had no idea.  I don't know the rules, but apparently it is not okay for the manager who interviewed me to bring this up.  I found out when I saw "union presentation" on the classroom orientation schedule.

Honestly, I would not have applied to this hospital had I known about the union.  Florida is a right-to-work state, so I'm not required to join the union or to pay dues to the union.  Personally, I'm against unions for nurses.  I know that many nurses are strongly pro unions for nurses.  I have many reasons and I feel I can look at the issue objectively, as I have been a member of a nursing union in one hospital for whom I worked and I have worked in a hospital that has a union to which I did not belong because I was a travel nurse.  I'll talk about my reasons in another post.

My main concern here is that I wonder if I will feel pressured to join or will be ostracized as a new person for not joining the union.  I've already done a week of orientation and really want to get in the CVICU and see what it's like.  I thought about pulling the plug, as my husband says, but feel obligated to at least give it a try after the hospital has invested the cost of the classroom orientation in me.

The presentation by the union representatives was disappointing.  They gave historical information to the nurses, a couple of who have very little nursing experience, that was incorrect.  I didn't say anything, but I felt very uncomfortable with what was said.

How will this work out?  Time will tell.

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