Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mrs. Chase

Learning to Prepare and Administer Hypodermic to Mrs. Chase: Student ...
*courtesy of Yahoo.com

 Speaking of simulation (yes, we were), I was surprised to find out that simulation has been around since the early 1900s for nursing.  The first simulation mannequin was really just a doll.  Her name was Mrs. Chase.  She was a life-size doll made of cloth with jointed arms and legs and was actually mass marketed as "The Chase Hospital Doll".

Unbelievably, she was used up into the early 1980's in nursing programs across the country.  That seems like a long time ago to most of you, but that was when I was in nursing school!

I never had the pleasure of meeting the always-smiling, slightly worried-looking, rosy-cheeked Mrs. Chase. 

*courtesy of Yahoo.com

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