Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ebola: Not Bringing Out The Best In Us

Another nurse, Briana Aguirre, has been in the news following the death of an Ebola patient in Dallas.  She was on the Today show criticizing her hospital’s handling of the isolation procedures when the patient was cared for there.

Now, I’m all for nurses being protected and I do think it’s important for organizations to have the appropriate equipment to protect all health care workers, but I’m disappointed in this nurse’s behavior as well as Kaci Hickox’s behavior.  

Briana Aguirre said on the Today show that she “threw a fit” when the right equipment wasn’t available to her.  I would really rather the public see us as the smart and professional people that we are – not as those who throw a fit when things aren’t as we feel they should be.

Let’s face it, outside of the few hospitals in the country that have actual bio containment units, NOBODY in this country was prepared to care for an Ebola patient.  Not even the CDC really knew what to do.  

All Briana did as risk her own job and make us look bad as a group.  There are more professional ways to go about getting changes made. I wish Briana had employed one of them.

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