Friday, March 3, 2017

Today in Nursing History

On March 3, 1903, North Carolina became the very first state to enact a nurse registration law.  Registration laws were the driving force behind the name we proudly claim - Registered Nurse.

Interesting fact - Mary Rose Batterham was long considered the first RN in the United States, having registered in North Carolina on June 5, 1903.  In fact, she never knew that she wasn't the first RN in the country.  

It was discovered in 1938 that another nurse, Josephine Burton Bradham actually registered in North Carolina on June 4th, 1903.  

Not much is known about Josephine Burton Bradham, except that she graduated from the Philadelphia General Hospital nursing program in 1902.  Josephine was married prior to entering nursing school and went by the name Burton in nursing school.  After she divorced in 1910, she went by her maiden name, Bradham.  

Fun fact:  Josephine's brother, Caleb Bradham, invented Pepsi Cola. 

Source for today's post: North Carolina Nursing History, https://nursing

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