Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Black Hole of Orientation


I've been a little absent on this blog - I apologize.  I started a job and I've been in the classroom at my new hospital all week listening to the endless speakers and videos that go with starting a new job.  The non-nurses only have one day of classroom orientation, nurses have a whole week in the classroom.

I completely get why we have to do it, hospitals have to prove to accrediting bodies that they provided this information.  The information has, for the most part, been good and the people have been very friendly and nice, but it still sucks. 

You know that stamp you get on your hand that lets you back into the fair, a club, a kid's sporting event, etc.?  Why can't we do that for some of the new employee stuff?  Honestly, I think I'd be willing to get an actual tattoo that says I completed a class about the MSDS sheets, corporate compliance, and restraint documentation and am good for the rest of my career. 

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