Thursday, November 8, 2012

Do You Know Cherry Ames?

I have a passion for vintage books about nurses – just ask my PICU friends who were forced to read vintage Harlequin romances about nurses one year for Nurses Week.  One of my favorites is the Cherry Ames series.  The series started in the 1940’s and ran through the late 1960’s.  In that time, Cherry had about 23 jobs.  She was a major job-hopper.  

Cherry paid her dues, she spent some time in the Army right out of nurses training (they got trained back then, kind of like monkeys) and then worked nights – even supervised on the night shift. Note her supervisory look of concern for the angry gentleman patient: 

Quite the single girl on the move, Cherry had some great jobs and the occasional fling with a young good-looking doctor, but she never really settled down.  Cherry is my hero.  Two of the best jobs she had, I think, were her stint as a Dude Ranch Nurse…
(I guess all of her flings were not with doctors - she's giving that cowboy the eye)
…and Department Store Nurse.
Seriously, I would be a GREAT Department Store Nurse!

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