Thursday, September 19, 2013

Manly? Yes, but...

I had the opportunity to visit a uniform store a couple of weeks ago and as I work for an organization that provides scrubs and because I'm too cheap to buy my own extras, I haven't been to a uniform store for awhile.  Wow - have things changed!

I was most intrigued by the very small mens section in the uniform store.  The main attraction in the mens section was the camouflage scrub set:

The salesperson caught me looking at them and promptly told me that they have the same scrubs for women, but the logo on the pocket is in pink instead of orange.  (Good thing she told me, I wouldn't have wanted to be caught in that manly orange color).

This reminded me of that vintage Irish Spring soap commercial.  "Manly?  Yes, but I like it too". 

Camo apparently apparently takes the very feminine nature of nursing and makes it more masculine.  I couldn't help but notice my (male) coworker's lunch bag as I walked out of work one night:

One part nursing + one part camo = murse.

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