Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Code Happy

Do you remember the scene in Legally Blonde 2:  Red, White, and Blonde (yes, I know, not even close to as good as the original Legally Blonde, but don't tell me you didn't go see it) near the end of the movie where Elle makes the call and activates her sorority girl network on their equivalent of the bat phone?

Nurses can do that, too:

It's the Code Happy app! Our own little nursing support network.  You can get or give instant support with a tap on your phone.  My favorite happygram?  "I'm sending you garlic and a cross!"  I think we've all been there...

If you're a Code Happy nurse, look me up.  I'm Nurse Turpel and I'll send you a happygram - or garlic and a cross, whatever.

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