Monday, November 3, 2014

Really Good Idea or Really Creepy?


A hospital in central Florida has electronic trackers placed on nurses to track their “workflow”.  It’s not mandatory, it’s voluntary, and the nurses are told that the tracking won’t be used for any punitive purposes.  In addition to nurses and nurse leaders using it for workflow issues and acuity patterns, patients can access the data to see how many times their nurse has been in their room and for how long.  

Hmmm…I’m undecided on this.  I couldn’t care less if someone is reading my emails or monitoring my online purchases (they’d get bored fast), but the electronic tracking thing feels a little different to me. I can see their point that it might help new nurses see their own workflow patterns and help them become more organized, but I also think that this is not something we would ever ask of physicians or other health care professionals.

What do you think?

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